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Against the ceremonies of May Day

Here is reproduced a leaflet against the bourgeois celebrations of May Day, written and distributed by South American comrades. The clearness of these comrades while affirming the invariant positions of the revolutionary proletariat makes any other observation useless: against the state, against democracy, against national liberation, against wage slavery, against labor, against capital, against the bourgeois commemorations of May Day. We just want to emphasize the importance of the fact that these comrades support the real historic subject of revolution, i.e. the proletariat, at an historic time where all the ideologies apply themselves to diluting and dividing our class into a whole of various categories. With these comrades we affirm against the current that May Day was and will be a moment and a flag of the struggle against exploitation, and with them we call "for the constitution of the proletariat as a revolutionary class".
May Day
The utopia of communism finds all the historic strength for a new world to build in the words Manual Gonzales Prada delivered at May Day, 1908 while describing it as the day where "proletarians, scattered throughout the world, don’t see anymore May Day as the irony to commemorate Labor Day but as the symbolic day where oppressed and exploited gather to number themselves, unify their aspirations and get ready for destructive and definitive action" against the state and capital.

May Day commemorates the international day of the proletariat, the day remembering the legal murder of four anarchist militants in Chicago perpetrated by the American state in 1887. Some are trying this day to reconcile class contradictions, shouting that May Day is Labor Day; these words are so pathetic that they only can be issued by counterrevolutionary agents (leftist from all sides) who mix with us and appropriate our flags to make us take the way of democracy’s pacifism, that is to say the legal dictatorship of capital. Anarchists of Chicago didn’t die for this, they died for a new world to win, a stateless one without democracy nor capital.

Strengthening the historic line of revolution, whom Marx, Bakunin, Flores Magon, Gonzales Prada belong to as well as all those who succeeded in identifying the state, democracy and capital as the highest enemies denying our humanity, we will continue to say that May Day is "the international day of the proletarian struggle", and NOT Labor Day. Celebrating labor means to celebrate exploitation, celebrate the permanent action of selling day after day our labor force for money, this means to celebrate and cheer the bloody "community of money" of the bourgeois state. This is why speeches for Labor Day are coming from the UNO, which is the International Organization of Capitalism (where the whole of democratic dictatorship is represented), so that we celebrate the inhumanity to live happy within exploitation of the state and capital.

In these periods of generalized reaction of capital, May Day must be the day where "the historic line of revolution" starts to live again, settling the positions once and for all, and demystifying the red-painted radical bourgeois opportunism represented by all the left-wing fractions: from the Leninist, Stalinist, Trotskyite, Maoist fractions up to Guevarist, Castrist, Mariateguist, Aprist ones [APRA = American Revolutionary Popular Action, populist party founded by Haja de la Torre; ICG’s note], etc. All these intellectual fractions of radical petty bourgeoisie, everywhere in the world, instill us that it is necessary to celebrate labor, to continue the reactionary reasoning of the management of capital by workers and the reorientation of popular democracy and national liberation, through which the constitution of the proletariat as a revolutionary class is boycotted and continually changed towards the channels of capitalistic mentality.

Between left- and right-wing there is no opposition, neither ideological nor practical, both are democratic lines and therefore capitalistic sisters differing only by the economic models of management of capital in the hands of the state. Thus, within democracy where leftists and rightists play, there is no opposition, there is uniformity in the dump of capital and labor management, generating all their blemishes: commodity, accumulation and trade; homelands and wars; borders, exploitation and misery; democracy and wage slaves. For this and forever, while reminding Gonzales Prada, celebrating May Day as Labor Day means to affect simplicity, this means to play the role of unfortunate and unaware people defending misery and wage slave role, this means to be made a fool of what is to be delighted upon the table of Easter feast. Conscious proletariat celebrates May Day as the day of revolution.

"For the constitution of the proletariat as a revolutionary"

Long live May Day!