Gary Fields
Gaza. March 2012

Gaza City

Gaza City

Selling bananas in Jabalia Refugee Camp.

Jabalia Refugee Camp. Roughly 1 million of the 1.5 million people in Gaza are refugees from 1948 and can not return to their homes and property in Israel. Jabalia is the largest of the Palestinian refugee camps with 350,000 people packed into 1 square kilometre.

A very poor community in Rafah. Gaza Strip.

Fisherman drinking tea under candlelight because of electricity blackout. There is electricity only 6-8 hours per day (Gaza City).

This man was serviced by the mobile clinic of the Palestinian Medical Relief Society who invited me to observe their activities in Rafah. I watched this man walk back to his home and it struck me how enduring he seemed and a metaphor of the situation in Gaza.


Kids returning from school in Jabalia. Gaza Strip.

Rafah. Gaza Strip

Jabalia Refugee camp. The fuel crisis is palpable. Only about 6-8 hours of electricity per day and the plastic gasoline containers are ubiquitous. Gaza Strip.

Gaza City; the handshake is the customary greeting. Gaza Strip.

A small section of paradise in the form of a vibrant lemon tree and lemons in Jabalia refugee camp. We had lemons and salt, a Gaza specialty. Gaza Strip.

Khan Younis.

Beit Lahiya in the far north of Gaza which was heavily bombarded by the Israelis during Operation Cast Lead in 2009.