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In honor of the 100th International Woman’s Day, we march for fair employment and social justice
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Women and worker’s Organizations for Woman’s day march. Arab and Jewish women call for fair employment and social justice on Tuesday, the 8th of March, in Tel Aviv.

Unemployment, poverty and exploitation, whose principle victims are women, strike today around the world, From Tunisia to El-Tahrir square, from Wisconsin to Tel Aviv. On International women’s day we, Jewish women, Arab women and work immigrants will march and join our voices with those of millions of women around the world in demand for social justice.

We live in a forceful and corrupted society which tramples over the working woman or sentences her to unemployment. The handful that enjoy society’s assets on our expense, leave us and our families without a future. Every attempt to organize in the work place is met with threats of dismissal and unemployment. This is true in Israel, Egypt and everywhere else in the world.

The demonstrations in El-Tahrir square, in which many women participated, opened a chance for change in the position of women in the Arab world, and for democracy and social justice. They showed that women who are willing to fight for their rights outside of their homes can bring about major social changes.

We no long agree to lower our heads; we cannot earn a living from odd jobs and meager pay. We cannot fight poverty alone. It’s time to organize. We demand the government to change its economic policy, and to provide women with work places and fair pay instead of caring for investors and tycoons.

Yes for work and fair pay!
No to unemployment and exploitation!
Yes to organizing in the workplace!
Yes to women solidarity of every religion, nationality and creed!
Yes to equality and social justice!

Participators: WAC Worker’s Organization, Hotline for Migrant Workers, Musrara art school teacher’s organization, Sh.i.n – Equal Women representation, Anuar – Arab and Jewish women leadership, Sindyanna of Galilee, Women’s Parliament.

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