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N° 24. February 2011
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- Social Regression in France. How Sarkozy is Getting Away with It, Larry Portis
- Sarkozy’s Strategy of Violence. The French State Prepares for Class War, Larry Portis
- The Crisis in France, Richard Greeman
- Pictures from the students protests in London
- A voice for Sri Lanka’s women, Rebecca Lawn
- Algeria and Tunisia. Separate Paths of Insurgency, David Porter
- The Protest Movement in Egypt: "Dictators" do not Dictate, They Obey Orders, Michel Chossudovsky
- Fear Extreme Islamists in the Arab World? Blame Washington, Jeff Cohen
- Gaza Youth Breaks Out. Gazan Youth’s Manifesto for Change
- Not Yet Time To Give Up Hope. Noam Chomsky (Interview)
- The Korean Powder-Keg, Richard Greeman
- Thailand. Chinese dissident journalist detained in Bangkok despite UNHCR protection
- The Sexual Uniform
- Richmond Cops Mistakenly Hand Over Anti-Protest Guides to Anarchist
- French police abuses the law and harasses a Malaysian citizen at Paris airport, 
Patrice Victor
- Serge Avedikian’s "Barking Island". Dogs Slaughter as Overture to the Armenian Genocide, Larry Portis
- Tahani Rached’s “Giran” (Neighbors). Imperialist Architecture in Egypt, Larry Portis
- The People’s War to Come. Iciar Bollain’s "Even the Rain", Larry Portis

Maybe the imperialist chickens are coming home to roost. Throughout the planet people are rapidly coming to realize that what happens at home is part of what happens elsewhere. And, conversely, what happens elsewhere bears directly on what happens where we live. Look at the most recent examples. Strikes and demonstations unite up to three million people at one time in France. Immediately students in England are inspired and go into action, chanting slogans in French!

Tunisia is an even better example. Under the boot of a corrupt dictator for 23 years, the lid finally blows off and governments who supported the infamous Ben Ali—this means almost all governments and particularly those of the "democracies"—pretend they didn’t understand the extent of the oppression in this tourist paradise that congenially cooperated in all the regional schemes of the US, Europe and Israel. Immediately the Tunisian uprising became an example, as the events in Egypt have borne out. Even in France, long considered a special case where people go into the streets as a cultural reflex, Tunisia has had an impact. Clearly, the protests in France this past Fall did not go far enough.

Is the temperature rising as the economic crisis deepens? Greece, Guadalope, Portugal, Ireland... Where will the lid blow off next? This is the question oligarchies and their political managers are now discussing and for which they are preparing tangible responses.

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