‘The poor chunchos1 and other idiocies’,

This country – I’m now positive – was founded on a reading of
Aristophanes and Kafka. It’s not really a country as such, but a sort of
pathetic tragi-comedy or depressing ‘como-tragedy’. Whichever you
prefer. Just look at recent, appalling events.

If it’s obvious that everything that’s happening in this unfortunate
country is deplorable (and I’m not talking about the football), then some
things are more deplorable than others. The most recent has been the
slaughter in the Amazon2, thanks to a bunch of ignorant, primitive,
violent chunchos from the pre-agricultural age being egged on by crooks
and communists wanting to transform them into stupid half-wits in the
hope they will raise them to the dizzy heights of dictatorship and a
government of butchers and assassins.

Don’t dare call me a racist. It’s the chunchos who are racist. I heard one
of them, barely able to speak Spanish, saying that ‘five soldiers, four
natives and one mestizo’ had been killed. As if ! Not even a dog-breeder
would dare claim that. Let’s also remember that AIDESEP3 or whatever
its name is calls itself ‘inter-ethnic’, that’s to say, inter-racial. Another of
these Palaeolithics referred to the deaths of ‘three natives, four soldiers
and one civilian’. Isn’t that exquisite ? Just as I suspected, it now turns out
that the chunchos (sorry ! The natives) aren’t actually ‘civilians’ after all.
If someone tries to sue me for my supposed ‘racism’, I would warn them
that people from Juliaca4 have already tried and they didn’t succeed. In
any case, they would also have to sue the Illustrated Universal
Encyclopaedia, better known as Espasa, where it says in chapter 17, on
page 702, verbatim : ‘CHUNCHO : -CHA. Adj. Savage Indian living in
the Amazon. It is also used as a noun.’

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