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Tuesday 23 March 2010
by  RoCr

Sex Workers Targeted in New Orleans

Tabitha has been working as a prostitute in New Orleans since she was 13. Now 30 years old, she can often be found working on a corner just outside of the French Quarter. A small and slight white woman, she has battled both drug addiction and illness and struggles every day to find a meal or a (...)

Tuesday 16 March 2010
by  CP

Ajami, the Film: Surmounting Anger and Pain

Many days have passed since I saw Ajami, the prize-bedecked film of Scandar Copti and Yaron Shani. Its darkness has not left me. Death, the death in the final scene, still stares me down, still threatens. I can still hear the words of the boy at the end, calling on us to open our eyes.
Ajami (...)

Tuesday 16 March 2010
by  ...

Venezuela. The crisis: understanding the causes, assigning blame and suggesting solutions

While we are still suffering from the impact of the problems which had intensified towards the end of 2009, such as the fraudulent ’Bolibourgeois’ bankers and the ongoing malaise throughout public services, a host of measures recently undertaken by the government signal a bitter start to 2010 for (...)

Tuesday 16 March 2010
by  ...

Israël-Palestine. Peace would neutralize Iran threat

Since the end of World War II the world has been rife with bloody conflicts in which, or after which, entire population groups have been murdered. One could cite the slaughter of millions by the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia, or the horrific tribal war in Rwanda, or the brutality in the former (...)

Tuesday 16 March 2010
by  WoHe

Metals in mobile phones financing brutal war in Congo

Metals found in everyday electronics items, such as mobile phones and computers, are being mined illegally in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and funding a conflict that has caused millions of deaths, said Global Witness on the opening day of the Mobile World Congress in (...)