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By Ann Bayly, from Australia.
Janadesh 2007 (english)

It is a very great pleasure to announce you the victory of Janadesh !

After marching 350 Km on the national highway non-violently during 1 month, the Indian government finally addressed the thousands of landless farmers on 29th October 2007 inNew Delhi. The rural development minister has announced the creation of a National Land Reform Committee within one month, which will start implementing a Land Reform Policy soon.

Following in the conceptual footsteps of Mahatma Gandhi, 25,000 of the world’s most
marginalized poor march together along the Indian National Highway. These landless poor
farmers have gathered in a mass show of non violent strength to bring the attention of the
Indian Government to their pitiable plight. They have chosen to endure the loss of livelihood
for more than thirty days, some of them traveling by train and bus for several days just to
reach this huge gathering and march the 350 kilometers together.

Standing on the roadway where the air temperature reaches 39°C the black asphalt radiates
upward like an oven. But hour after hour this mass of people passes before me. With
enormous patience they go step by step towards what they hope may create a more equal
distribution of India’s vacant arable lands.
Achieving the granting of land ownership to now landless adivasi or tribals, and other groups
of the poorest poor, could in the long term return the care and productivity of the soil to a
level that will sustain the area’s population and the cities beyond. Simply put by many of the
marchers "we will then finally be able to feed our families".

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