Demonstrators protest custodial deaths in France
Anustup Roy, Press TV, Paris

Emotions are running high in this town in central France after 30 year old Wissem el Yamni died on New Year’s eve.

The police has a different story: Wissem was under the influence of drugs and suffered a stroke when he was going through a routine police check. He then entered coma and finally died last week.

Initial autopsy confirms this version, but residents of Clermont Ferrand’s poor suburbs are waiting for the inquiry to reveal more.

The Interior Ministry has ordered two police men involved in the case to take some days off work, but no suspension sentences have been issued.

Among many people taking part in this peace rally, there is widespread feeling that the police enjoys unlimited imunity.

In recent weeks, there has been a spate of custodial violence and deaths. In most cases, the police cites stroke as the cause of death.

Often, the victims are young unemployed men of Arab and African origins, living in poor suburban neighborhoods.

And on rare occasions, white middle class French like Denis Godard living in Paris, also face police violence.

The el Yamni family says it has faith in French courts and that justice will prevail. But as crowds chant Police is the Assassinator, one thing is clear: anger and frustration are not always easy to hide.