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N° 28. November 2011

- "Only the beginning of the revolution", Nawal El Saadawi
- Humanitarian War in Libya : There is no evidence ! Directed by Julien Teil
- « ‘We Live as in War’: Crackdown on Protesters in the Governorate of Homs », Human Rights Watch
- Crisis for Billionaires. Where to Stash the Loot?, Israel Shamir
- The Iranian “Plot”, Alexander Cockburn
- Israel. Agricultural workers and social protest activists link arms, Michal Schwartz
- Look at us! Agricultural worker tells her story, WAC
- Ofer Eini’s false fight for manpower workers, Assaf Adiv
- Behind the Euro Crisis : Germany Gambles on the Old Dream of European Hegemony, Richard Greeman

- Giving a voice to the voiceless: Interview with Yassine Ferchichi, Arnaud Mafille
- The Awakening in America, Bureau of Public Secrets
- "Occupy? Wall St.?", John Clark
- Occupy Movement. An opportunity for demilitarisation, Jordi Calvo Rufanges
- Gandhi meets Monty Python: The comedic turn in nonviolent tactics, Wayne Grytting
- Occupy San Diego, Gary Fields
- Revolution Coming, AnonymousAnonymiss
- "From the Movement of Occupation to the Community of Liberation", John Clark
- Why the 1% Love "Anarchist Violence", Steve Weissman
- Take the Streets
- 15 Octubre, World Revolution. Mostremos nuestra fuerza al Mundo entero
- Nobody Can Predict The Moment Of Revolution, Ivaasks
- The Stones Cry Out : The Power of the Occupation in the City Square, Dan La Botz
- Gov. Scott Walker gets checked, Mic Checked !
- Jobs Not Cuts ! Day of Action–Thursday November 17, Stand up ! Chicago
- How The Oligarchy Gets Politicized, Alan Nasser
- English Political Websites, Lawrence McGuire