Chrispine Njer
Kibera, slums and revolution

It was chaos, wailing, sirens and police helicopters in the air doing night and day ghetto surveillance. The people were mad, crazy and disappointed. They swam like ants back into the ghetto with their loot from the surbabs.Their was no food any more neither money to buy or market, every one was hungry though we are used to that.

Kibera resistance pictures are the untold story of struggle, frustration, intimidation and rejection of the voiceless Kenyans who are the masses and majority voters. It was a betrayal of the basic principals, vision and mission under which democracatic goals and targets of independence were built on. This are a people whose voice have been censored, muted and oppressed by any means possible by the system they elected and brought to power.

Kibera slums is one of the biggest slums in Africa. Kibra is a Nubian word which means forest. The forest invasion is increasing while overpopulation is taking root.

The majority of the residents of this ghetto are luos; a tribe which the Americans democratic presidential candidate Barrack Obama has his roots from. Many have migrated from the rural areas around Lake Victoria Kisumu town to the capital city Nairobi where we languish in poverty in search of greener pasture and jobs in the city. Other tribes co-exist too in this region, but the people behind the resistance were luos whose member of parliament was contesting for the presidential race in the last Kenyan general election December 2007.

He is a luo too and a leader, a strong and visionary politician whom the whole nation of Kenya elected to be their leader, as the whole world witnessed and ignored: not the self proclaimed leader who is currently having the highest office in the land.

The violence erupted because of rigging and cheating by the incumbent non elected president and his inner circle of corrupt animal firm politicians. The marginalization of this Raila Amollo Odinga by electoral commission lead to country wide spread skirmishes hence the post election violence.

Kibera residents demonstrated peacefully which was later on termed as rioting.

They voted harmoniously and were later on reffered as looters. It was a case of government biting the hand that feeds it. Abusing the marital breast of voters who suckle them to parliament with good will votes and charisma. In my neighborhood people have co-existed peacefully until politician decided to divide and rule Kenyans with tribalism and nepotism.

We help each other as neighbors and help each other with salt and flour in case of need. The violence was politically instigated and the culprits are known not exempting the current self appointed Kenyan president. No one elected him apart from the votes he got from his tribe, which could not be enough to out do the other 42 tribe whom majority voted for the official opposition leader. The other tribes join forces in the up rising because they realized that they had been duped by their tribal chiefs who only wanted to money power and respect without earning it. we all shared same sentiments of inflation, wide spread government created insecurity, torture and merciless killings from the government machineries i.e. the paramilitary police, who killed children, women and men just to obey orders form a bove.

Very few are educated in this slum and this is direct reflection of the picture of the whole country under going mis-education with illiteracy at large.
My neighborhood is an obvious concentration camp worse than sabibor, algarib or guantanamo. People die every day because of diseases, police killings, domestic violence, lack of food and many more million ways to die.

The feeling of cheating germinated the uprising. The realization downed in peoples hearts that the politicians were in a club of organized politics; simply a career in their fourth estate terms and vocabolaries.the current president orchestered and masterminded the chaos in order to gain international sympathy, which he actual got and walked Scot free with crimes. He knew he would loose the majority vote thus instigating tribalism. The aftermath of his agendas were headed to genocide, untill their was international intervention by UN former secretary general Koffi Annan and the willingness by the current prime minister who was the elected rigged out president, who decided to swallow his pride and maintain the peace.

The cheating president and his cronies are sand which iSans titre.ems
n corrupt brad and butter, bleeding the masses who toil on the blood surface in the industrial areas. The uprising was a genuine out cry plea by the meek for a change which never materialized. Kibera is surrounded by numerous police station to contain it, three national prisons where most resident spend the rest of their lives and two army barracks. The police who were suppose to defend and protect the live and right of its people instead violated and raped the law, killing us and protecting property instead. Property of people who never voted.

The rich who only view the voting from their sitting rooms watching TV. Kibera is still in clouded odyssey to human rights and justice. The people promised; their will never be peace on the table until human rights and justice is observed and properly cooked in the kitchen of humanity. The degradation continues and we still hope against hope that one day our mud houses one for a family of seven and rusted roof tops will change one day. Otherwise funeral services go on every night. And we’ve realized now one can help us but our self. Women men the old and children were all involved in the resistance.

Viva la revolution. Saluta continua.

I was born and raised in the kibera slums where my parent migrated to the rural area in search of better jobs. They and many all their aspirations have been an elusive dream. so piped to come true