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10th Anniversary of Bologna Process Triggers New Demonstrations

The 1999 Bologna meeting of European ministers decided to standardize all education systems to move to a US/UK version of Bachelors and Masters. The aim was to allow competition in order to transform Europe as a global "market" of education, attracting customers from around the globe.

Belgrade.- "In Serbia, the Bologna process came with an enormous rise of tuition fees from year to year, chaos in the system and impoverishment of the curriculum.

For the tenth anniversary of Bologna declaration, the students of Belgrade universities organized a performance called "What is the price of knowledge ?" in the main walking street in Belgrade. While we were sitting on the street and studying, the passers-by were invited to put a price on particular types of knowledge - What is the price of the knowledge of sociology ? What is the price of the skill of playing the piano ? How much should knowledge cost for that guy in the green shirt, and how much should it cost for the girl wearing sandals ? For us, the price of knowledge has been changing from year to year, getting higher and higher, although the knowledge itself stayed the same."


Serbian source

Madrid.- "To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Bologna Declaration, students from different cities of the Spanish State have met in Madrid to occupy the Ministry of Education (Department of Education of Spanish State).

Dozens of activists have gathered inside the ministry symbolically at about 9.30 am to remind authorities that student opposition to Bologna Declaration is growing stronger and that the struggle continues at a local and international level.

After police arrival and negociation with the state security forces, activists have decided to leave the building peacefully, believing they have managed the aim of their action."