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at the nuclear arms base in Büchel
*Summer actions against nukes!*
Camp: July 13th — August 9th, 2009

Join our camp at the nuclear arms base in Büchel
(Rhineland-Palatine/Germany) between July 13th and August 9th. Four
weeks long, everyday, we would like to enlist new groups as well as
individuals for our non-violent actions. We want to focus attention on
the illegal storage of nuclear weapons on the military base. Forms of
protest are going to be diverse: picketing, blockades, "Go-In" actions,
climbing activities with banners, surrounding the airbase (with the
distribution of flyers, calling on soldiers and pilots to refuse their
illegal orders), info tables in the midst of the tourism hot-spot of the
town Cochem......There sure are plenty of ideas!
The fantasy has its boundaries though, in this case where an action
would no longer be non-violent anymore.

The point is, through disrupting the operating procedure, we increase
the pressure on the government. This will be the case by having our
constant visual and audio presence every day in the region.**

*Nuclear Weapons in Germany *

Currently, about 20 US nuclear warheads are stationed at the German
Büchel airbase, which equal in their power of destruction more than 150
Hiroshima sized bombs. At this base, Germany provides the delivery
system for the B 61 nuclear war heads with the help of the Tornado
fighters of the 33^rd Fighter-Bomber Squadron. US- mini-nukes of type B
61 - 11 could also be deployed there. German pilots there are training
for airdrops; and according to a German military strategy paper, in the
future at the "Bombodrom" (bombing range) in the state of Brandenburg
(FREIe HEIDe) for training in the technique of dropping nuclear bombs.
On command, German pilots are obliged to transport into and drop these
nuclear bombs onto any future target areas. This obligation results from
our government’s adherence to the nuclear "sharing" agreement of NATO,
which is factually under US control. Nuclear first strikes, even against
non-nuclear countries, or "preemptive" wars of aggression with
mini-nukes in the so-called "war on terror" are current topics in
discussions on the new NATO doctrine. The nuclear weapons stationed here
are also strategically embedded to keep other nuclear powers in check
for the distribution wars over the world’s last resources and markets.

*The 2008 review and the prospect of 2009 *

Our campaigns for a nuclear weapons free Germany at the Büchel air base
in August last year were successful, colorful and diverse. App. 2,000
people protested in front of the fence, while 45 followed the call
"bye-bye nuclear bombs - Büchel 2008" to conduct a "Go-in" action. Three
Belgian participants succeeded in surmounting the fence in spite of a
disproportionate 4,500 strong policing force. The picture on the right
shows the group Pinky while being arrested at the perimeter (only in the

Our ideas for this summer’s actions borrow from the Faslane 365
blockades (below). We would like to reach out to many groups and
individuals (you!) to choose a date for your own activities, connecting
your respective political views with the local nuclear weapons issue:
e.g., groups working against the social security roll-back could focus
on (nuclear) military expenses. How are climate change and energy
politics connected to a possible nuclear war? Which health risks are
posed by nuclear source material to the indigenious population in the
uranium mining areas? How is the so-called civil use of nuclear energy
from NPPs related to nuclear weapons, etc.

This list could go on and on. Angie Zelter, who received the Alternative
Nobel Peace Prize for her demilitarization campaigns at the British
nuclear submarine base in Faslane/Scotland, also took part in our
"Go-in" action in 2008 in Büchel. She called for "increased civil
disobedience in Büchel". In the UK she was acquitted by the highest
court, since they also recognized the illegality of nuclear weapons in
its findings. In 2007 the one-year blockades of Faslane 365 achieved the
training of more than 10,000 participants in civil disobedience. Now the
Scottish Parliament also demands from the British government the
withdrawal of the nuclear submarines.

*The camp *

To create an infrastructure for these many acts of protest, we will set
up our action camp on a meadow just 2 km from the Büchel base. During
this camp we plan concerts every Saturday in front of the base’s main
gate. Like last year, there will be solar power, composting and wheel
chair accessible toilets, trailers with Internet access, facility and
cooking tents as well as communal sleeping tents. We will support you
with press / PR work and we also plan climbing, clowns and direct action
workshops. We will also try to help individuals find the right group to
participate in, and provide information about the nuclear weapons. This
way different groups are able to utilize the camp for shorter or longer
periods during these four weeks, get to know the site and recent
resistance action, think of demonstrative or "disobedient" ways of
direct action and follow through in practice.

On August 8th and 9th the final actions will take place: Among others
the bicycle marathon of the Pacemakers will arrive. We hope we can yet
again welcome a renowned artist for the Saturday night event on August
8th. On August 9th, the anniversary of the Nagasaki bombing, a protest
march to the main gate is planned. Then it will be 64 years since a
plutonium bomb was dropped on Nagasaki, which immediately killed app.
70,000 people and led to 200,000 additional deaths due to long term effects.

*Free Germany of nukes by 2010! *

The association "Abolish nuclear weapons - start locally" (which we, the
GAAA, also belongs to) would like to achieve with the campaign "our
future - without nuclear weapons" that the German government’s
representative declares at the conference hosted by the UN regarding the
nuclear weapons non proliferation treaty in 2010: "There are no more
nuclear weapons on German soil. Germany has ended the nuclear "sharing" agreement." On occassion of this year’s election the association is lobbying every single representative in the German Bundestag in regards to his or her position on nuclear weapons.

*Illegal and contrary to international law *

With the participation of Germany in nuclear "sharing," the German
government defies a judicial finding of the International Court of Law
of July 8th, 1996. According to this, threatening to deploy nuclear
weapons is entirely in violation of international law. The German
government simply declared the fact of nuclear weapons storage in
Germany, their ready availability for deployment as well as the training
in the usage for the purpose of real life scenarios is not in itself a
case of threat. The nuclear "sharing" agreement also violates the
nuclear proliferation treaty, which Germany joined as a non-nuclear
weapon country. Germany is obligated here under not to accept from any
entity, neither directly nor indirectly, nuclear weapons or control
Not least because of our government’s blatant breach of law in regards
to nuclear weapons - but lastly because our conscience dictates this- we
are led to a deep conviction of being obligated to lead a resistance
against this. Nonviolent resistance, as much as the act of civil
disobedience, is therefore legitimate and an imperative.

*Agreement *

We believe that non-violence also means not to respond with defensive
violence, even when provoked, because we would like to break this
vicious circle of escalation.
We do not want to verbally abuse anyone, but respect our opponents (e.g
police officers, soldiers, opponents of our actions), even if we
criticize their role in society and their specific conduct. When we take
the stride from protest to non-violent resistance, this then means that
we do not limit ourselves to legally sanctioned actions, but also in a
level-headed manner break laws and regulations. With this, we pursue the
goal of rendering a continued storage of nuclear weapons at Büchel
politically impossible.

*A short history of the GAAA*

The GAAA (Nonviolent Campaign for the Abolition of Nuclear Weapons) was founded in1996 to push for a nuclear weapons free Germany as a step
towards a nuclear weapon free world by means of non violent actions of
civil disobedience among others. In 2004 the GAAA became a member
organisation of the DFG-VK. So far the GAAA organized 9 tresspass/Go-In
actions, of which 7 took place at the nuclear base in Büchel and 2 at
the nuclear weapons dispatch center of US-EUCOM in Stuttgart. Actions of
civil disobedience require a good preparation and follow-up. In this we
already gained experience with the help of the GAAA. We provide
trainings in non-violent campaigns as well as council in case of legal
consequences. We also have some funds for legal aid.

The ultimatum for Chancellor Merkel to end the illegal state of nuclear
weapons possession ran out on August 6, 2008 (Hiroshima memorial day).
The Sichelschmiede, the Initiativkreis gegen Atomwaffen, the GAAA and
many other groups and individuals are announcing now more acts of civil
disobedience in Büchel and/or declare their solidarity, to raise
pressure on our government!

*Sign the declaration of intent!*

*I would like to participate:*

As part of the GAAA’s campaign, the event "Bye-bye nuclear bombs -
Büchel 2009" will be held. I/we will adhere to the stated campaign
agreement (s. above "Agreement"). In case the German government has not yet demanded the withdrawal of the illegal US nuclear weapons and
officially withdrawn from the nuclear "sharing" under NATO:

___I/we would like to take part in the camp at Büchel/Alflen (July 7th -
August 9th, 2009) starting __ until___

___I/we will take part in an act of civil disobedience (e.g.
unauthorized vigil, sit-in, go-in,...)

___I declare my solidarity with the participants of these non-violent
actions. I agree with the publication of my name, profession and city on
this declaration of solidarity.


Please, sign me up for the GAAA’s e-newsletter. My e-mail address

*Order information/distribution material!*

This flyer: #_________ (English)

Legal info regarding campaigns of civil disobedience at Buechel: #_____

"Helpful info for activists: Grassroots democracy in action": #________

Exemplare "Kleine Chronik der GAAA" "A short history of the
GAAA":#________ (German)


This campaign needs your financial support. Therefore, we would like to
ask you for a donation via bank transfer.

I support "Bye-bye nuclear bombs - Büchel 2009" with a donation of ____
For transfering money from outside of Germany please use following account:
GAAA, Name of the bank: GLS Gemeinschaftsbank
The international account number IBAN is: DE57430609678019151200

Name (if applicable profession/role)


Postcode - Town and Country

Please, send to:

GAAA, c/o M. Küpker, Beckstr. 14, 20357 Hamburg, Deutschland/Germany,
Tel.: +49 (0)40 4307332,