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samedi 21 novembre 2009
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‘The poor chunchos1 and other idiocies’,

This country – I’m now positive – was founded on a reading of Aristophanes and Kafka. It’s not really a country as such, but a sort of pathetic tragi-comedy or depressing ‘como-tragedy’. Whichever you prefer. Just look at recent, appalling events. If it’s obvious that everything that’s (...)

mardi 15 septembre 2009
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Call for napalm bombing of ’savages’ wins Survival racism award

Most Racist Article of the Year Award 2009, presented to Correo newsaper, Peru.
26 August 2009
An article implying Peruvian Indians should be bombed with napalm has been named by human rights organisation Survival International as the ‘most racist article’ published in the last year by the (...)