Nr 22. October 2010. Contents

Zionism and the United States. The Cultural Connection, Larry Portis

From Palestine, Gary Fields

Israël. Gandhi’s Wisdom

Warning! Capitalist Sharks, Richard Greeman

Apropos of a Foreword. José Peirats’s Second Death, Freddy Gomez

India. Walking with the Comrades, Arundhati Roy

India. The Trickledown Revolution, Arundhati Roy

India. Campaign against Vedanta

People Power. Unarmed Resistance and Global Solidarity

Secrecy, Lies and Media

Does history repeat itself? This perrenial question is both pertinent and naïve. Of course it does, but never exactly in the same way. To understand this it is sufficient to ponder on the course of events.
For example, the "peace process" in the Middle East, and particularly in regards to Israel and Palestine, is now, we are told, being given real impetus by the renewed resolve of Barack Obama. And yet nothing original or more potent is being put in the new bottles, on the contrary.
Although the slavish media work to maintain the illusion of change to come, their deceptions only disguise the cynicism of Obama and his henchpersons, Hillary Clinton and Rahm Emanuel leading the pack.
Secrecy and lies are not "conspiracies", at least not in the ways pretended in the media component of the industrial-financial-military-media complex. They are rather practices integral to the manipulation necessary for preserving the "democratic" facade of a social and economic system founded upon diverse forms of exploitation and domination.