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Gary Fields
Walls of Palestine
March/April 2011
Article published on 1 June 2011
last modification on 8 May 2011

1/ The Wall at Beit Hanina near the Qalandia checkpoint between Ramallah and Jerusalem.

2/ The Wall at Qalandia near Jerusalem and Ramallah. March 27, 2011

3/ Enclosing Shufat: The Wall separating the Palestinian town of Shufat (background) from the Israeli settlement of Pisgat Ze’ev (not visible but in the foreground where I am standing taking this photo). March 27, 2011

4/ Shufat Refugee Camp: The Wall at Shufat Refugee Camp just outside of Jerusalem. March 27, 2011

5/ The Wall at Shufat from another angle. April 1, 2011

6/ Separate and Unequal: The Wall separating the Israeli settlement of Pisgat Ze’ev (forground), and Shufat (background).

7/ Enclosing Shufat: The Wall surrounding the Shufat refugee camp near Jerusalem. March 27, 2011

8/ Gaza Prison: The Wall from inside Gaza on the north looking north toward Israel. March 28, 2011

9/ Seizing Land: This photo requires some explanation. The Palestinian town of Iraq Burin (foreground) near Nablus in the Northern West Bank has been losing land because of the aggressive activities of nearby settlements such as Bracha (red roofs in the background). There is indeed a Wall in this photo between the olive trees belonging to farmers from Iraq Burin and the grapes just above in the photo belonging to Bracha. Settlers from Bracha literally, supported by the Israeli army, confiscated the land where ther grapes are now growing, burned the olive trees that were growing there and now the two types of cultivation face off like enemy soldiers embedded in the landscape. In this way the settlement keeps expanding down the hill into the land and crops of Iraq Burin. March 27, 2011