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Euro Health Consumer Index 2008

Source :

Arne Björnberg and Marek Uhlir, Health Consumer Powerhouse AB, 2008.

ISBN : 978-91-9768-74-5-4

Measuring the expanding European healthcare landscape since 2005, the Health Consumer
Powerhouse finds reasons to be optimistic about the development of European healthcare. There
are evident positive trends – but also challenges to meet.
After our four years of comparisons we now see that the leading healthcare systems start adopting
consumer trends. Some of the fore-runners seem to implement strategies with the aim to support
choice by providing information and via consumer priorities building a down-top pressure for
improvement of services and quality of care.
Patient rights legislation has become common around Europe (a fact in a slight majority of the 31
assessed national healthcare systems). In almost as many there is the right of a second opinion
and free access to your medical record. This builds patient empowerment essential to meet
tomorrows´ challenges in values, demography and funding. Here partnership between the
individual and the care system will be the tool. Closing the gap between patients and
professionals has to be part of any grand strategy for the future.


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