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Monday 17 May 2010
by  CP

Facebook Festivals in France

The big thing now in France are parties initiated on Facebook, with thousands of young people turning up for a free self-organised festival in different cities.
One young guy, very drunk, died falling off a bridge in Nantes on Wednesday 12th just a few days ago. So the whole of the rulers’ (...)

Sunday 16 May 2010
by  RoCr

United States. US Travel Bans and the False Promise of Tariq Ramadan

Recently, two prominent scholars who had been banned from visiting the US for some years have been allowed back into the country after Hillary Clinton, the Secretary of State herself, intervened on their behalf. The scholars are Adam Habib and Tariq Ramadan. You can read about their cases and (...)

Sunday 16 May 2010
by  WoHe

Hoosier Robot Killers. Afghanistan Pakistan Private Military Contractors

The no-frills YouTube video looks like it could be the chronicling of an ambitious science fair project. Inside a spare Indiana warehouse, a young man launches a thin two and a half foot black cylinder into the air, where its propeller blades keep it hovering vertically. Then it moves slowly (...)

Sunday 16 May 2010
by  CP

Noxious Comparisons. The Holocaust in Israeli Political Discourse

It is taboo in Israel to compare the suffering of the Palestinians with that of the Jews in the holocaust. Anyone who does so is at once ostracized. The latest is film director and producer Yonatan Segal: in a marketing document for his Odem (Lipstick), which is currently being filmed, he wrote (...)

Saturday 15 May 2010
by  CP

Israel. When Art Breaks Walls

Once a year, in January, a meeting point is created between artists and farm workers. The artists are both Jewish and Arab. The workers are Arab women. The contact is made through an art exhibit called Bread and Roses, organized by the Workers Advice Center (WAC-MAAN). This year 250 artists (...)