October 2008
- Bolivia
Bolivian Anarchism and Indigenous Resistance
-  China
Adidas, Real Winner of the 2008 Olympics
Emergency Anarchist Dictionary
No to new caucasian war !
Statement by Non-governmental Organizations of Abkhazia
-  Israël / Palestine
A War to Start All Wars
- Kenya Kibera, slums and revolution Album Pics, Riots in Kibera, Kenya
-  The 1968 Generation and Postmodern Thought
A New Generation’s epistemological break A Generation of Intellectuals in Movement The decline of critical thought in France after 1968
Bulgarian Anarchism Armed

July 2008

- Brasil
Interview with the Rio de Janeiro Anarchist Federation (FARJ)
- Turkey Mehmet Bal 1
Mehmet Bal, Human Rights Commission
Letter from Istamboul

Theory / Théorie
- What is « Society » ? From the Ancient World to the Enlightenment (1)
Society and Social Class (2)
Society, Community, and the Capitalist State (3)
Marx’s Idea of Capitalist Society and Opposition to It (4)

May 2008

- Africa Guns against Zimbabwe The Next Gulf
- Economy On the lanslide of common ground, or the inevitable decline of god and finance
-  Iraq Iraq : War without End
- Israël Namely the State of Israel The Military Option Manifest Destiny?
- Mexico Lying for a living, corporate ‘news’
- Olympics Games An observation on the recent Olympic events (English)
- USA 25,000 Dockworkers Shut Down West Coast Ports in Historic Antiwar Protest The Blackwater backwater Anarchists in America Seattle’s First Green Festival Draws Over 30,000 Attendees
- Venezuela Anarchism in Venezuela, past and present
- Art :
Interview : Ursula K LeGuin on Anarchism, Writing Twenty Years of Yawning
- Books The Russian Revolution in Retreat, 1920-24 The communists’ dilemma .

March 2008

- América Latina South American anarchists and anti-militarists say NO to war Revolution is not possible without peace
- Chine Photos de manifestation à Hongkong
- India Urge India to abandon unpopular steel megaproject; end violence against protesters
- Israël/Palestine Pictures/Photos Good Morning, Hamas Blood and Champagne An End ForeseenLosing Freedom… Bit By Bit Another Side of Terrorism in the Middle East
- United States Demonstration in Jena, Louisiana. Jena Ignites a Movement. Election Shock Therapy : Primary Pain
- Venezuela Venezuela 2008: A libertarian proposal for the current situation.

Nonviolent direct action – a critical reflection

- Livres/Books
The Anarchist Past - Emma Goldman