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The trial of the conscientious objector Halil Savda was put off for 12 April 2007

In the hearing yesterday (29 March 2007), Halil’s lawyer Suna Coskun, by indicating the right to conscientious objection which take place within the international conventions, stated that “the courts have a duty to regulate the national laws while taking into account of these conventions”. However, her claim was refused and their final defenses were asked by the Court and for this reason the trial was put off for 12 April. Halil Savda is tried according to the 88. Article of the Military Penal Code, and could get a penalty of imprisonment for up to 5 years.

In order to watch the trial, a group of 45 people >from The Conscientious Objection Platform, The Human Rights Association (IHD), The Initiative Against Thought Crime (Dusunce Sucuna Karsi Girisim), The Corlu Democracy Platform gathered in front of the
Corlu Military Court
in order to watch the trial and to support Halil Savda. After the hearing, the lawyer Suna Coskun gave information about the case and one representative from each group made comments on the case and on the right to conscientious objection to the press and media.

The hearing was also watched by the president of the Tekirdag Bar Association and the lawyers from the Bar. Hasan Orta (Lawyer), the president of the Tekirdag Bar Association, stated that they attended the trial in order to give the moral support to the
Military Court
while expressing that the turkish nation is a “military-nation” and to perform the military service is the most crucial citizen duty as it is described within the constitution. When his opinion on the case was asked he replied as : “Today, the Tekirdag Bar Association, we watched the case with 25 of our colleagues on “The Conscientious Objector” whose trial was done at the 5th Army Corps Command [Corlu]
Military Court

. The trial was very attentively done and was in accordance with the rules of the Turkish Code of Criminal Procedure (CMK). For this reason , the greatness of our state was reflected upon the courtroom. As the Tekirdag Bar Association, we respectfully announce to the public opinion that we have confirmed the functioning and the rule of law within the courtroom.” (was translated from Avrupa Yakasi, a local newspaper in Corlu,)