Gary Fields
March/April 2011

1/ The Wall in Rafah, south part of the Gaza strip. The Rafah crossing is now open but it is still difficult for ordinary Palestinians to secure visas to pass into Egypt and there is still no real commerce between Egypt and Gaza through the Rafah Crossing. March 20, 2011

2/ Fisherman in Gaza City. Fisherman can not go out more than 3 kilometers before they are fired upon by Israeii patrol boats. The area where they can fish has essentially been over exploited and therefore they catch only the smallest sardines. March 20, 2011

3/ Jabalia Refugee Camp, the largest of the Palestinian refugee camps reputed to be the most densly populated area in the world. 20 mars 2011

4/ Central Market in Jabalia Refugee Camp. March 20, 2011

5/ Nasr Street, Gaza City which was completely destroyed by Israeli bombing during Operation Cast Lead in 2009 being reconstructed. March 20, 2011

6/ Because of the Israeli blockade of Gaza, the Gaza economy is almost completely dependent on smuggling tunnels between Rafah and Egypt to bring in everything from consumer goods to industrial spare parts, cement and even cars. In the tunnel in this photo, workers are unloading much-needed gravel for concrete. March 20, 2011

7/ Unloading bags of cement from Egypt through the tunnels. March 20, 2011

8/ This is not just a few sacks but many. The bags of cement from Egypt are taken from out of the tunnels and then loaded onto flatbed trucks and taken to Gaza City or elsewhere in the Gaza strip. March 21, 2011

9/ An additional image from Rafah, the southernmost town in Gaza. April 1, 2011

10/ Grazing sheep on land where former Israeli settlement of Gush Katif was located. March 20, 2011

11/ After the huge March 15th demonstration in Gaza City, there have been small demonstrations every day organized by the March 15th coalition. These protests have been brutally suppressed by Hamas security people including beatings of women. Today, I barely escaped a run-in with Hamas security people after I was caught taking photos of the protest. March 20, 2011

12/ An additional image from Rafah, the southernmost town in Gaza. April 1, 2011