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St Petersburg Activists and Anarchists Protest Rise in Local Transport Fares
January 18 2009

The protesters titled themselves "Hares in Support of Starving Bureaucrats" and some wore hare masks. The name "hare" referred to the Russian slang word "zayat" which describes people who travel without paying their fare.

They went to the Transport Committee’s offices on Sunday afternoon, formed a line and took it in turns to throw small coins at the doorstep.

Sergey Chernov / The St. Petersburg Times An activist scatters coins at the door of the Transport Committee on Sunday.
Source : St Petersburg Times, Issue #1441 (3)
Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Others put up leaflets near the entrance and hare skull logos on the wall. They pointed out massive financial violations by the Transport Committee that had been mentioned in an audit published on Dec. 19 by the St Petersburg Audit Chamber.