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Contextualizing the Threat of Radical Islam (Richard Greeman) 2 - 3 - 4

On the discussion concerning co-operation amongst revolutionaries in the Middle East (Devrim Valerian)

Israël-Palestine. Peace would neutralize Iran threat (A.B. Yehoshua)

Ajami, the Film: Surmounting Anger and Pain (Asma Agbarieh-Zahalka)

Nuclear Power. Local Democracy Dumped!

Venezuela. The crisis: understanding the causes, assigning blame and suggesting solutions (El Libertario)

China. "labour famine:" Hype and reality

China. "Good news" for workers cannot hide harsh reality

Sex Workers Targeted in New Orleans (Jordan Flaherty)

The winter of 2009-2010 will not be remembered as one of rising expectations. Most people are expecting the worse, in spite of forced assurances made by world “leaders” (...)

Position paper of WAC-MAAN about the deaths on the Freedom Flotilla to Gaza

The Lesson of the Flotilla Bloodbath: End the Occupation

WAC-MAAN, which organizes within its ranks both Jewish and Arab workers, strongly condemns the Israeli raid on the Freedom for Gaza flotilla, which has resulted in nine dead and dozens of wounded.

Israel’s attempt to divert the argument away from its blockade on Gaza, and over to the resistance that its troops encountered while attacking the flotilla, is futile and grotesque. As if soldiers sent to prevent civilians from breaking an unjust siege can be compared with 1.5 million Palestinians caught in a three-year humanitarian catastrophe!

WAC holds that Israel’s stubbornness, and its refusal to pay the price of peace—namely, an end to the occupation and (...)

“We are dinosaurs!” End of an American Illusion: from “middle class” to working poor ? (Bert)

Tax Day Protest in Washington DC (Curtis Price)

Hoosier Robot Killers. Afghanistan Pakistan Private Military Contractors (Fran Quigley/Jeff Cox)

China. China. Apple Finds Child Labor Violations At Suppliers (Thomas Claburn/China Labour Bulletin)

China. The Hard Road: Seeking justice for victims of pneumoconiosis in China (China Labour Bulletin)

In the Name of Zionism (Uri Avnery)

Noxious Comparisons. The Holocaust in Israeli Political Discourse (Yacov Ben Efrat)

Israel. When Art Breaks Walls. The Bread and Roses Exhibit of 2010 (Roni Ben Efrat)

Venezuela. The myth of "Eco-socialism of the XXI Century" (Maria Pilar Garcia Guadilla)

Venezuela. Preventing the State’s infiltration of social (...)

And of course, when he spoke about history, it was from the perspective of having written A People’s History of the United States, a book that has sold more than two million copies and changed the lives of countless people. Count me among them. When I was 17 and picked up a dog-eared copy of Zinn’s book, I thought history was about learning that the Magna Carta was signed in 1215. I couldn’t tell you what the Magna Carta was, but I knew it was signed in 1215. Howard took this history of great men in powdered wigs and turned it on its pompous head.

In Howard’s book, the central actors were the runaway slaves, the labor radicals, the masses and the misfits. It was history writ by Robin Hood, speaking to a desire that many share: to actually make history instead of being history’s victim. (...)

The Anti-Empire Report, William Blum

50 Shades of Populism, David Macaray

Stinking Hot Plutocratic Mess, Paul Street

Quebec’s ’Truncheon Law’ Richochets as Student Strike Spreads, Martin Lukacs

Mexico’s Return to “Perfect Dictatorship”, Michael Wilson

You are all suspects now. What are you going to do about it ?, John Pilger

The Longest War, Kathy Kelly

Whose Egypt ?, Deepak Tripathi

Thoughts for Independent Algeria’s 50th Birthday, David Porter

Thoughts on a joint but unequal Palestinian-Israeli struggle, Noa Shaindlinger

Israeli Mustard, Uri Avnery

The present stands no chance against the past, Robert Fisk

Freedom for Nabil Al-Raee and Zakaria Zubeidi in Palestine, Freedom Theatre of Jenin

Yemeni photographer Boushra Almutawakel and the Egyptian writer Nawal (...)

Q: “A lot of people propose nuclear power and a solution for climate change, and a lot of people say it is a false solution. And since you’re here I assume you think it’s a false solution as well. What solutions do you like for climate change?”

Vandana Shiva: “Well, the first solution I like for climate change is organic farming. Because I’ve done a book called Soil Not Oil that shows that 40% of emissions comes from industrialized globalized agriculture. The nitrogen oxide, the methane from factory farms, and fossil fuel use. So you can cut 40% by doing good farming the feeds the world, protects the soil, and creates livelihoods.”

“My second preferred solution is renewable energies, decentralized renewable energies, of which there is no dearth. We have far more wind and far more sun than (...)

Since April 30, Occupy Homes MN has been working with the Cruz family, whose home went into foreclosure when PNC Bank mishandled an online payment. Although PNC executives have acknowledged their error and repeatedly told Cruz supporters that they are working on a solution, their actions have shown the opposite. They have refused to work with the family, instead working with Freddie Mac and the city of Minneapolis to launch a series of costly police raids against home, resulting in 23 arrests in less than a week. Despite ongoing protests, PNC still thinks we’ll go away if they ignore us long enough. It’s time to show them otherwise: on June 19, Alejandra and David Cruz will be travelling along with a team of supporters to PNC’s Pittsburgh headquarters to hand-deliver their modification (...)

After September 11th 2001, ideological traps constructed in regards to Arab and Islamic countries have been an increasing focus of deconstruction for many contemporary visual artists coming from this part of the world. It was this concern that made Yemeni photographer Boushra Almutawakel, who was then studying in the United States, pay special attention to the words pronounced by Egyptian writer Nawal al Saadawi about the traps inhabiting views on women’s bodies.

Al Saadawi, who is well known due to her critiques to the patriarchal class system and to her work against female circumcision, once said at a lecture that she felt that "women who wore the hijab or niqab [1] were the same as women who wore makeup in the sense that they all hid their true identities" [2]. Boushra (...)

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