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The Turbulence collective produced a free newspaper distributed at the camps, blockades and alternative summits that made up the mobilisation against the G8 summit in Heiligendamm in June earlier this year. The theme of the 14 articles from individuals and groups from across the world tackled the difficult question of ‘What would it mean to win ?’.

Here we link to various articles written about the anti-G8 mobilisation that somehow resonated with the Turbulence collective. Like Turbulence #1, they are things we think are interesting, and things that may help us to start making sense of what happened, what didn’t happen, and their more long-term meanings. Turbulence is not a free space, but we do want it to be a place to engage in difficult debates from a range of movements, perspectives and positions. If you want to suggest a piece of text (yours or something you’ve seen but written by someone else), photos or anything else you think more people should see, then email us here and we will consider putting a link.