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Open letter of students of Babolsar University - Iran

To the people of the world!

Defend our human rights!

We write this letter to all human rights
organisations, trade unions, parliaments, students’
organisations, women’s organisations and the civilised

Following our protest movement, in the last few days a
new wave of arrests of our student colleagues has
started. More than 20 students have been arrested and
jailed by the security forces. Even workers’ activists
have been jailed too. The latest is the case of Mr.
Mahmood Salehi in Sagez who is well known for his
defence of workers’ rights. A few women activists are
also in jail. These arrests continue and happen every
day. As though this was not enough, we are faced with
poverty, lack of rights and inflation resulting from
economic sanctions. Life is harder than any other time
and people are being suffocated. The nightmare of
possible war has left people with fear and lack of
security and has given opportunity to the government
to impose yet more restrictions on people. The level
of poverty and economic insecurity is horrendous. Our
struggle continues.