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mardi 30 mai 2006
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Powell a la langue fourchue

Le « courage » selon George Bush et Colin Powell
Dans cette chronique, publiée le 23 février 2003 dans le Guardian et reprise aujourd’hui dans l’excellent recueil Ma guerre contre la « guerre au terrorisme » , Terry Jones analyse la novlangue que les dirigeants américains ont élaborée pour justifier (...)

Tuesday 30 May 2006
by  RoCr

The Use of Paramilitary Forces by US/European Multinationals Against Pacifist Resistance in Nigeria/W. Africa

The history of Pacifism in Nigeria
Nigeria is not easily identified with pacifist movements. Violence and military regimes easily come to mind when Nigeria is mentioned. This was what prompted us to undertake this work in order to portray the not oft-mentioned pacifist movement that has been (...)

Tuesday 30 May 2006
by  ...

David Graeber and anarchism

/.../ This brings up some questions pertaining to your other side, David Graeber the Anarchist. In your article entitled, Anarchism, Or The Revolutionary Movement Of The Twenty-first Century, you begin by talking about the "movement of movements." What is this movement referring to?
It’s what (...)