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mercredi 12 mars 2008
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Le sujet palestinien

Question : Est-ce que Neturei Karta demande la souveraineté palestinienne sur toute la Terre sainte ?
Réponse : Oui, absolument ! Mais nous devons expliquer pourquoi. Nous sommes des Juifs orthodoxes antisionistes. et nous sommes opposés au sionisme pour plusieurs raisons. Tout d’abord, (...)

Wednesday 12 March 2008
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Another Side of Terrorism in the Middle East

The art of political language, as George Orwell observed, is to make falsehoods sound truthful and to deny voice to those without power. There are few practitioners of this art more highly skilled than the government of Israel.
As the military occupier of the Palestinian territories for the (...)

Wednesday 12 March 2008
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Losing Freedom… Bit By Bit

Husan, West Bank — As a farmer from one of the oldest and most distinguished families in the Palestinian village of Husan near Bethlehem, Mahmoud Abdel Aziz Sabatin seems unlikely to personify the issues at the core of the war currently raging in the region. When one listens closely however, to (...)

Wednesday 12 March 2008
by  WoHe

An End Foreseen

A WISE person once said: "A fool learns from his experience. An intelligent person learns from the experience of others." To which one could add: "And an idiot does not even learn from his own experience."
So what can we learn from a book which shows that we do not learn from experience? (...)

Wednesday 12 March 2008
by  WoHe

Blood and Champagne

EVERY PEOPLE elevate the profession in which they excel.
If a person in the street were asked to name the area of enterprise in which we Israelis excel, his answer would probably be: Hi-Tech. And indeed, in this area we have recorded some impressive achievements. It seems as if hardly a day (...)