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KNIGHT, Michael Muhammad. The Taqwacores

Autonomedia: 2004. 256 p. Paperback. ISBN: 1-57027-167-4. $ 10.-

A novel written by an American Moslem with a Catholic background. You can also consult blog.

Set in a Muslim punk-house in Buffalo, New York, this novel explores the twin identities of punk and Islam in their many varieties and degrees of orthodoxy. The story here is primarily with the characters — such as Umar, the straight-edge Sunni; Rabeya, the burqa-clad riot grrl; Jehangir, the dope-smoking mohawked Sufi (who plays rooftop calls-to-prayer on his electric guitar) — and their collective articulation of a heresy-friendly, pluralist Islam. Full of punk references (real and invented) and enough Arabic phrases to fully deck out your skateboard, "The Taqwacores" is a great introduction to the cracks in the surface of mainstream Islam with a peculiarly American face.