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Council of Europe
The trial of the conscientious objector Halil Savda

992nd DH meeting - 4 April 2007

Section 4.2


The Deputies,

- 1. deplored anew that no individual measure has yet been taken by the Turkish authorities to put an end to the violation found by the Court as the applicant is still wanted by the security forces with a view to his arrest and the execution of his sentence ;

- 2. regretted that no information had been provided on general measures taken or envisaged in order to bring the legal framework governing the situation of those who refuse to perform military service on conscientious or religious grounds into conformity with the requirements of the Convention ;

- 3. decided to resume the consideration of this item at their 997th meeting (5-6 June 2007) (DH), and instructed the Secretariat to prepare an Interim Resolution in time for this meeting.

- 1 case against Turkey
39437/98 Ülke, judgment of 24/01/2006, final on 24/04/2006