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Trade unions in Israel stand in Solidarity with the Egyptian popular revolution
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The two independent trade unions in Israel - WAC-MAAN and Power to The Workers - will hold a solidarity demonstration in Tel Aviv to support the Egyptian workers and people struggle on February 8

The International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) called for trade unions around the world to join a day of action for democracy and social justice in Egypt on 8 February.

WAC-MAAN and Power to The Workers call all supporters of the Egyptian workers’ and people’s struggles, to join us in a demonstration in front of the Egyptian embassy in Tel Aviv.
The demonstration will take place at 13.30 on Bazel St., Tel Aviv.

The demonstration will express our support for the demands of the Egyptian people for democracy and social justice. The first of these demands is the demand to remove Mubarak’s dictatorial regime, a regime that left the Egyptian workers and people in hunger and poverty, while making Mubarak and his associates rich beyond all measures.

The demonstration will also express our support in the new and independent trade union movement in Egypt, which played a central role in the Egyptian popular revolution.

P.S. :

For details:

Nir Nader – WAC-MAAN, 050-6839443

Avi Menkes - Power to the Workers, 054-3311751

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