N° 26. June 2011

- The Allied Bombing and Other Actions Against Libya, William Blum
- "There is Much More to Say", Noam Chomsky
- Walls of Palestine, Gary Fields
- The Sudden Death of Juliano Mer-Khamis, Larry Portis
- Palestine. Demonstration in Ramallah, Rawan Abu-Shahla/Gary Fields (photos)
- Gaza, Gary Fields
- In the ‘Fog of War’ in Gaza, a Rain of Fire, Gary Fields
- “Rejoice Not…” Uri Avnery
- Whither France? Between the Right and Fascism in France, Larry Portis
- What This Year’s May Day Demonstration Told Me About France. Under the Sign of Treason, Larry Portis
- May in Morocco, Richard Greeman

- 10 Reasons to Still Be Pissed Off About the BP Disaster. Your guide to the worst oil spill in US history, one year later, Kate Sheppard
- Sri Lanka. Politics and Ideology in the Sinhala Press: A Site of Power and Struggle, Sumith Chaaminda
- Sri Lanka. Women Workers and the Struggle For Labour Rights, Rohini Hensman

There is much uncertainty and confusion in the present economic and geo-political conjuncture. Is the breakthrough in the political situation of many countries in North Africa and the Middle East the beginning of political liberalization as many think and say, or are the recent popular uprisings only an opportunity for the imperialist powers to update and even consolidate their hegemony in these regions? Are the social consequences of the 2008 financial crash now absorbed by repaired economies, or are they
yet to come?

What is clear and certain is that historical change is quickening its pace. Empire is cracking and along with it political institutions are becoming more unstable. What the ultimate political effects will be is hazardous to say, but the months to come will surely bring more dramatic changes. Can the imperial leaders continue to begin more wars as they have in Libya and wish to do in Syria and Iran? And do these wars really strengthen imperial forces or weaken them at home as production for domestic uses
continues to decline while arms manufacturers exult? We are presently witnessing important events, but only popular participation in them can ensure positive outcomes.