About the Obama administration health plan...
Letter from the US

Obama’s health plan is hardly an improvement over what now exists. Indeed it has some worse aspects: while on the plus side it obliges insurance companies to insure everyone despite preexisting medical conditions, it also requires all but the very poor to buy their own health insurance—which is a strong negative. Many people are struggling to get by even without insurance premiums to pay; how are they now going to manage to pay for insurance? This requirement will actually be a bonanza for the insurance companies. As for the public health care part of it, that seems to be a very small part of the plan, and only for the very poor. So in supporting Obama’s latest version of his "new, improved" health plan, one is also supporting the insurance companies getting even more powerful and taking even more money away from the working class.

The only real solution for the government to completely take over the health care system is of course fought tooth and nail by insurance companies, pharmacy companies, the American Medical Association, the republic party, conservative democrats, the uninformed, the misinformed, etc., even though everyone seems to forget that large portions of health care are in fact already managed by the government, like Medicaid and Medicare.

One can ask why there are no street mobilizations, I don’t know. Can only offer this explanation: as usual the media controllers as well as Obama administration have so confused people that they see their choice only as either supporting or opposing Obama’s gutted health plan.

New York, September 15, 2009