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Anarchists Join Jordanian Social Movement

We have joined a larger group of leftists in a movement called "the social left" which includes some Marxists anarchists post-left activists and others.

The movement gave us a great offer :
- Legal protection (in Jordan, 3 years in prison for non-authorized movements)
- One seat in the highest committee

The social left movement have definitely raised the bar in Jordan and it is gaining more momentum, the numbers are still vague. Somewhere between the 1000- 2500. anarchists are only 16 but we play important role inside the movement. when old traditional Marxists criticize the movement they sometimes say :

"It is an anarchic movement !!"

For the first time in the history of Jordan a leftist movement is willing to adopt a non-hierarchal structure. we –Anarchists- have proposed a paper and it was accepted by the -youth and students- sector inside the social left moment. For the past 2 months the -youth and students- sector has been working by the structure suggested by the anarchists and If it kept doing well.. we will propose it to the whole movement. by establishing our non hierarchical way in organization through our sector in the movement is leading others to start understanding anarchist thoughts through practical examples.

We are also experimenting every day through organization and figuring out more old mistakes and innovation is apparent in every meeting we hold.

Two comrades were arrested then freed by pressure from the movement.. 3 Marxist comrades spend in prison 6 days before being freed also by pressure from the social left.

We formed a band that sings in our events
We distributed thousands of fliers by hand in the streets of poor neighborhoods and refugee camps.
We appeared on aljazeera. aljazeera talked about one of our activities for half an hour which was a general strike in jordan…
There r 2 pages about us in an important magazine in Jordan
the leader of the writers’ union… and the second most important novelist in the history of Jordan dedicated his weekly article in the most popular newspaper to talk about Jordanian anarchists.

More and more Graffiti.

We have been visited by anarchists from Australia and Austria !

We helped organizing a ceremony of music and poetry to celebrate jordanian prisoners being freed from Israeli prisons and the visit of a communist Lebanese "Anwar Yaseen" who was imprisoned for 13 years because of killing Israeli soldiers during his participants in the armed resistance in south of Lebanon.

There is a union for the "daily workers"(13,000 workers who work as full time but treated as part-time workers) struggle for better conditions health care and minimum wage. We joined a number of their protests. Until they announced a hunger strike that finally lead to their triumph

There is a huge festival in Jordan.. called "Jordan festival" it cost the government 30 million $.. Firstly the festival is organized by a French guy who is the same person who organized Israel’s 60th anniversary.!!!Secondly, there is more than 20,000 kid in Jordan who suffer from poor nutrition because of poverty.. Thirdly.. this festival canceled the Jerash festival which had theatre and poetry and contemporary dance on the other hand this one only contains pop, we started a campaign and there was a protest that we took part in along with the anti-Zionism committee and a PFLP related party in Jordan..

the first picture is of a protest

other pictures were taken when we joined a strike in solidarity with 200 workers who will lose their jobs because of the new Canadian company which bought a public mining company that was owned by the government